Squash Strings


ø 1.09, 1.15, 1.22 mm

12m and 110m

Again the fabulous results from our tennis string led to a good squash string called GUT FEELING Squash. This special material composition enables GUT FEELING to give outstanding playing features to the player with enormous comfort.

  • real gut-like playability
  • outstanding comfort
  • maximum ball-feel


Kirschbaum team made outstanding performace at the 42nd All Japan Squash Championships

From Nov. 21 to Nov. 24/2013 at  Muscat stadium in Okayama pref. Japan the 42nd All Japan Squash Championships were held and  Kirschbaum squash team played successful with Gut Feeling squash string.

Takanori SHIMIZU (right on the photo) “finalist” – In the final competed against Shinnosuke TSUKUE, battled bravely but lost in 3-1.

Jun MATSUMOTO (center of the photo) “the third place” – In the semifinals lost to Mr. SHIMIZU, Kirschbaum team member, and finished in third place overall.

Mayu YAMAZAKI (left on the photo) “TOP 8” – Though not being able to have beaten Chinatsu MATSUI, ex national champion, reached to TOP 8.

Produktinfo Touch Multi Fibre

TOUCH Multi Fibre

TOUCH Multi Fibre

ø 1.15, 1.20 mm

12m and 110m

The technology proved its worth already with the production of our tennis string TOUCH MULTIFIBRE. The composition of this squash string with multifile fibres in the core renders optimal playing convenience and comort.

  • gut-like playability
  • maximum comfort
  • immense ball-feel