Right from the beginning the cooperation with tennis players took a strong part in our daily business. In the meantime about 2000 players from more than 40 countries are in our team and profit from our string qualities. But not only professional players are of importance for Kirschbaum. Kirschbaum leads junior programs in all countries.

Our logo is the "cherry"

In Switzerland, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Belarus, Poland and Hungary we are the official partner of the domestic tennis associations - in Germany we are a member in the providers' pool.

You are interested in a Kirschbaum contract?

Kirschbaum strings & grips established an extended sponsoring program and we are always welcome more players to join our team. At the end of this page you find a contact sheet you can send your datas with. Unfortunately not all players can receive a sponsorship, because to sign a contract it is necessary to have a good national ranking as junior or a good WTA/ATP ranking as senior.